Recommended by Andrew Rosendorf

    27 Jun. 2021
    A funny funny play - and a reflection on grief. Of how when we lose someone we see them everywhere. Everywhere. Enjoy the beautiful central friendship, the cringe worthy moments of comedy, and the unexpected ride.
  • THE EQUIVALENT OF SENSATION, full-length play for 4 Women
    26 Jun. 2021
    A beautiful reflection of art and legacy - grounded in history with characters grappling with their own narratives and the ones they leave behind. And why. Not to mention a beautiful exploration of love - of people, of family, of art. The last moments are exquisite. Beautiful. Inevitable.
  • The Guilt Mongers or Los Traficantes de Culpa (for those not willing to submit to the Anglicization of our people)
    26 Jun. 2021
    A beautiful play. Painful. Raw. Brave. And funny. Everything I love about C. Julian's writing is on full display - his wit, his heart, his complexity. And that nothing is every easy - but always human. Gorgeous.
  • Zero
    23 Feb. 2020
    Ian's incredibly theatrical play has a bold beating heart that palpitates and permeates through a propulsive exploration of existing - what we think that means and what it truly means. Are we all nothing? Is nothing more than just nothing? ZERO is ripe with Ian's ability to turn a phrase - utilizing that to access our hearts, to get us to fiercely empathize and connect in a heightened world that isn't so far from our own.'ll never think of a can of tomato soup the same way again. Read it. And get to know his other work too.
    3 Feb. 2020
    An uncovering of the past and present that you think is going one direction but then veers to an unforeseen path where we start to question our own biases, our own views on power, on gender, and on love. A unique investigation and exploration on those that teach us in our lives, those that we teach, and the mistakes (sometimes catastrophic, sometime stumbles) that make us all flawed and human.
  • Nothing Remained But Voice And Bones
    29 Jul. 2019
    This is a haunting play. Beautiful, painful, striking. And funny - funny where you'll be laughing at one moment and then terrified in the next. It's human. Honest. Brave. An exploration of society and weight like we haven't seen. It's full of humanity and horror - just like life.
  • The Pitchforks
    26 Oct. 2018
    There's nothing like Andrew Kramer's work. There's a boldness and danger and beauty and pain and heart in everything he writes and THE PITCHFORKS is no exception. It at once deconstructs the horror genre while also being scary and sexy and funny. Can't say enough good things. You won't read another play like this one. Read it. And read his body of work.
  • The Triumphant
    21 Oct. 2018
    THE TRIUMPHANT leaps off the page - with great heart and beauty married with the immense power of storytelling. The prison these men find themselves in only holds their physical bodies as they fight for their right to love who they want. A beautiful piece of writing. It is a uniquely theatrical play that feels urgent and one that must be seen.
  • The Yacoubian Building
    21 Oct. 2018
    This is a gorgeous, intimate, and ambitious exploration of Egypt before the Arab Spring. Kareem's adaptation is filled with characters and stories of great depth and nuance. Your heart breaks for each of them - even if you don't agree with their choices. You come to understand these characters (including the building itself) down to their souls. The play deserves to be supported and produced.