Recommended by Mora V. Harris

  • Hell Is Empty
    29 Jul. 2022
    I was fortunate to see a reading of this play at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre and the audience was holding its breath the whole time. The relationships in this play feel complex and and lived in, like longterm friendships are. It's incredibly engaging to be jerked in and out of the easy teasing and banter of childhood friends to the violence of old wounds, secrets, and toxic revelations. A rich and weighty piece of theatre!
  • Take My Hand And Wave Goodbye
    15 Jul. 2022
    I was fortunate to see a reading of this play at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre and found it to be a rich, moving, and intimate portrait of grieving family. I was especially struck by the powerful discussion of active shooter drills and the effect they have on the young people participating in them. This is a play that speaks to the present moment in a way that feels both personal and profound. I can't wait to see it fully produced!
  • Ryan's Pub Monday Trivia Night
    14 Jul. 2022
    The stakes for a game of bar trivia have never been so high! I got to hear a reading of this play at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre and loved every minute with these funny and flawed friends. Richie's struggle to stand up for himself in a world full of managers is especially poignant, and Marci's crush on the bartender still makes me laugh. Additionally, the Pittsburgh bar setting is so specific, and full of spot-on hilarious details. A perfect two-hander I would love to see staged.
  • The Brink
    24 May. 2022
    I intended to just start this play, and ended up whipping through the whole thing in one sitting because it has such an intense forward movement to it! This is a story about processing traumatic events but it's also a nuanced and compelling love story. With flexible casting and meaty roles, this is an excellent choice for college students.
  • A Tell-Tale Heart
    8 Jul. 2021
    I loved watching A TELL-TALE HEART as presented by the Pittsburgh Public Theatre! This adaptation is just as creepy as the source material, but also funny, uniquely Pittsburghian, and totally engrossing. Silberblatt plays with warmth and charm alongside horror and gore in a way I've never seen before and was totally fascinated by. A perfect show for Halloween!
  • When We Fall
    21 Jun. 2021
    I am so impressed by the elegant way this play is structured to allow us into such intimate and subtly heartbreaking moments on stage. It feels effortless and dreamlike, but is so expertly done. Gibson explores the feeling of loneliness in a crowd here with such nuance and sensitivity. I was very drawn to the way this play makes you feel the anxiety of being trapped at a party where you don't know anyone, but also presents these beautiful opportunities for escape through connection and honesty between the characters. An unusually delicate and aching piece of theatre.
  • Human Resources
    18 Jun. 2021
    I recently tuned in for the Great Plains Theatre Conference online reading of this play and I just loved it! Seeing an unlikely friendship blossom between two coworkers thrown together by chance is so profoundly rewarding as an audience member and feels so special and familiar at the same time. Hirsch captures all the absurdity and banality of a dead end office job without ever getting cynical or letting us forget the emotional depth of the two main characters. HUMAN RESOURCES is a beautiful piece of writing I would love to see staged!
  • The Laborious Dance
    22 Apr. 2021
    A delightful and poignant window into the lives of five very different women and their experiences of motherhood. Watching these women navigate new friendships while on the cusp of huge personal change is a touching and profound theatrical experience.
  • Period Dragon
    22 Apr. 2021
    Cochran captures all the hilarity and struggle of being a pre-teen in this adorable short play with two very lovable young characters.
  • Kicking
    22 Apr. 2021
    The idea of two fetuses talking to each other inside the womb is so simple but so brilliant! This would stand out in any night of ten minute plays as a profoundly unique theatrical event.