Recommended by Audrey Cefaly

    8 Jan. 2019
    I was really blown away by this piece when I saw it at CATF over the summer. A gorgeous, powerful play. Detailed and intricately woven. Humorous, hypnotic and lyrical. I'm a huge fan of DW's attention to character. They always draw me in, and this play was no exception. Amazing work by a writer for our time.
  • The Arsonists
    6 Oct. 2018
    A feast for the senses. Souful. Elegaic. Intensely poetic, textural storytelling. Goldfinger spins haunting tales of the south like no one else.
  • The Hour of Great Mercy
    6 Oct. 2018
    Portrait of a town in the scorching echoes of unbearable tragedy. Herein is a deep understanding of human suffering... of ache, of longing. A powerful story of redemption and transcendence. I was moved and invested in every character.
  • Go Ahead
    6 Oct. 2018
    Observant. Finely distilled. Gable understands about dramatic tension and the power of silence in storytelling. He creates characters we care about, ones we invest in. Two VERY strong and powerful roles for women here. Attention must be paid.
  • Ready Steady Yeti Go
    6 Oct. 2018
    Funny. Sharp. Clever. Jacobi has documented here in delightful form the empty rituals and hollow sentiment often bandied about by well-intentioned white folk in the name of racial equality.
  • No One Is Forgotten
    6 Oct. 2018
    Holy hell. What a bold, gorgeous, desperately beautiful play. At once tender, dark, hilarious and brutal. What this writer knows about intimacy is a lot. My first Winter Miller experience. Fan for life.
  • The Ferberizing of Coral
    27 Sep. 2018
    Smartly drawn, inventive, and very, very funny.
  • Babel
    2 Aug. 2018
    I want to tell the world that Jacqueline Goldfinger knows about how to tell an ache story. Elegant. Simple. Layered and deep. The story, told with a gorgeous heightened voice, grapples with the impossible choice: freedom from worry v. freedom from guilt. The predicaments are intricately drawn, nuanced, and thought-provoking. The relationships are rich and complex and I grew to love the characters... I cared about their struggles and I wanted them to win. I want to read all the Goldfinger stories. She makes me want to be a better writer.