Color ED (10-minute)

Miss Snow wants to reach her goal of having 100% of students on task bubbling in circles, but Jade insists on coloring... with colors.
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Color ED (10-minute)

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  • Doug DeVita:
    14 Jan. 2020
    While reading this unsettling play, I was reminded of the Frank Loesser song “Inchworm,” from the movie “Hans Christian Andersen.” In the song, Andersen sings a haunting refrain encouraging an inchworm to stop and think how beautiful marigolds are while in the background we hear students monotonously intoning an arithmetic lesson. Both Loesser’s song and Omorotionmwan’s play are lyrical pleas for the acceptance and beauty of non-conformity, with Omorotionmwan adding layers of fear and loss that make this play a devastating cautionary tale for our times.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    26 May. 2019
    Omorotionmwan's unsettling drama is impossible to forget, makes it impossible for audiences not to feel sympathy for all the characters as an education system breaks down individuals into automatons. It also is a very personal tale of a girl who faces bias in the form of an older person attempting to provide a life lesson.

    Produce "Color ED."
  • Asher Wyndham:
    12 Jan. 2018
    The symbolism and choreopoetic language functions to express the oppressive, racist reality of American education that encourages complicity and de-values diversity and difference. Haunting. Heartbreaking. This play would appeal to highschool and college students. And if performed by kickass students, it's brutal criticism, it's a wake-up call to teachers and administrators. I recommend that it's performed in cafeterias.

Development History

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    Red Herring Productions for Little Black Dress INK

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Stay Awake! Theatre