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  • Jackie Martin:
    16 Feb. 2021
    "Growth in Isolation" is inventive, charming, and peculiar. I love the concept & understand the paradox of feeling both rooted to someone (heh) and experiencing growth in their absence. So many questions arise: Which version of Ryan is the real Ryan? Is Kallie right in her assessment of the situation, or is she simply being narrow-minded?
    And excuse me, but this title is excellent.
    This is one of those plays that opens your mind to what a play can be. Produce it!
  • Daniel Prillaman:
    8 Feb. 2021
    Cross' drama will take root in your heart! There's some lovely magical realism in here that pops up with a delightful twist (as well as a beautiful reminder that zoom/virtual plays can be fantastic too, they need not be just talking heads of dialogue). The beauty in this one lies within the central metaphor for the long distance relationship, but where it shines is the many ways you can interpret how it affects us for better or worse, as individuals or as a couple. I feel like I could unpack this for hours in the best of ways.
  • Hilary Bluestein-Lyons:
    6 Feb. 2021
    Long-distance relationships are difficult enough, especially during this time of isolation, but Monica Cross has taken this challenge to a whole new level, while sprinkling the situation with seeds of metaphor and humor. I thought I had had enough of zoom plays and quarantine plays, but nope, not done. This play is hilarious, endearing, and relatable. I can't wait to see this, well, on zoom of course!
  • Eric Mansfield:
    3 Feb. 2021
    Monica Cross crafts a story that will leave the audience still contemplating its impact after the applause has stopped. She takes a relationship challenge -- long-distance communication -- that will feel so familiar to the audience and then turns it on its side. I love stories that make me want to talk about them after their over, and this one certainly does that.
  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    14 Jan. 2021
    I loved seeing this little piece done in a Zoom get-together. Monica Cross has fun with two characters being stuck at home to the point that it really grows on at least one of them... The fun was seeing the good-natured way these two lovebirds take on the challenge of being apart and sharing their innermost feelings for each other while confronting the obstacle that separates them. A peach of a story.
  • Emily McClain:
    16 Dec. 2020
    I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast performance of this play and the surprising reveal and subsequent fallout of that moment was so engaging. Cross' dialogue is snappy and natural. This play truly makes the most of the phrase "personal growth." It's an ideal play for college performers and fully embraces the digital theatre platform. Produce this play!
  • Paul Donnelly:
    27 Sep. 2020
    Cross has found a lovely and surprising metaphor for the changes that can be wrought by isolation and separation. The reveal is sublimely surreal, inspiring laughter, revulsion and tenderness in equal measure. Ryan's dilemma is compelling, but Kallie's shock and withdrawal are completely understandable. This play illustrates that engaging work can be created for virtual presentation.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    8 Sep. 2020
    Growth in Isolation is such a lovely surprise! What a beautiful metaphor for growing apart. As we navigate all the different issues of this difficult time, this play really speaks to the struggles people are facing. Read it, produce it, repeat!
  • Timothy Fine:
    2 Sep. 2020
    This play was a JOY to read! It was paced really well and was funny yet very relatable as we navigate this time separated from our friends and loved ones. It really can feel like you are becoming a tree. Stuck in one place with only a computer to make a conversation. I really loved reading a play that could easily be a zoom production.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    2 Sep. 2020
    "Growth in Isolation" is absurd in the best ways possible.

    The story itself is strange, but familiar -- the ups and downs of modern romantic relationships. The dialogue offers opportunities for humor, anger, and heartbreak for the actors and moments for the audience to feel genuine empathy -- and give Monica Cross credit because neither character is a villain or a martyr.

    I watched a wonderful performance of "Growth in Isolation" by the Quarantine Players in September 2020.