Goodbye, Bobby

Ten-Minute: (2020) Donny finally finishes a novel, but just typing "The End" doesn't mean the end of the story, especially when the main character doesn't want to leave just yet.

An epilogue to "Can't Live Without You." The script is available at
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Goodbye, Bobby

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  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    21 Aug. 2021
    I loved Philip Middleton Williams's full length, "Can't Live Without You," so when I saw that this short is an epilogue to that, I was VERY excited - but "Goodbye, Bobby" absolutely stands on its own and doesn't require you to be familiar with its prequel in order to understand what's going on. And what's going on is SO interesting. Any writer knows the feeling of that character you just can't shake, that character who feels so incredibly real to you. How do you know that they exist in your mind and not the other way around? A terrific what-if!
  • John Mabey:
    21 Oct. 2020
    I've often held conversations in my head with characters I've created, wondering where the ideas originated. And when it's done right, they feel as real as myself. In GOODBYE, BOBBY, Philip Middleton Williams offers us a peek into such an encounter, and it's layered with insights and meanings that both characters wrestle with and explore. This is a magical encounter that will stay with me as both a writer and a reader.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    11 Jun. 2020
    The saying is to write what you know, and Williams’ play “Goodbye, Bobby” certainly turns that up on its head. Writers are like sponges and take in so many random things and sights all the time. “Goodbye, Bobby” gives life to just one of those moments in time for writer Donny, turning reality on its head as the reader is swept up in a tug-of-war that is just this side of magic.

Character Information

  • Donny Hollenbeck
    A writer.
  • Bobby Cramer
    Early to mid-twenties,
    A character in a novel.