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  • Shaun Leisher:
    1 Mar. 2024
    A stunning play about how differently people grieve. Loved the way Adams plays with time and reality in this play.
  • Laura Neill:
    14 Nov. 2022
    I saw Ink'dWell in its Off-Broadway production with New Light Theater Project, and I loved it. It is so rare to find a play that accurately and thoughtfully depicts anxiety and depression and is also so full of love. This play needs to be widely produced.
  • Conor McShane:
    20 Jun. 2021
    A tough and beautiful play that moves with a quiet, mournful power. It deftly captures the confusion and uncertainty of grief and the secrets we keep even from those closest to us, but finds hope and healing in the bonds of family.
  • Playwrights Foundation:
    2 May. 2021
    Playwrights Foundation highly recommends INK'DWELL, which excelled to the Finalist round (top 35) for the 44th annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival out of 755 plays. Our community of readers felt this play best represented the mission of our festival. This work engaged us, inspired us, moved us, and was an outstanding example of transformative storytelling. Our local Bay Area Literary Council commends INK'DWELL as a compelling, relevant, cathartic new work which should be produced now. Congratulations! #BAPF2021
  • Joslyn Housley:
    16 Mar. 2021
    The play manages to be both quiet and tumultuous as we flow with Kendra through time and space while she confronts the truth about her brother's death. Adams shows great skill in writing dialogue that is natural and intimate. Each character is distinct and memorable.
    Ink'd Well presents a unique portrait of African-American woman/girlhood that is not often seen.
  • Karlee Kulp:
    18 Sep. 2020
    Losing a sibling is never easy, but often times we only experience this loss from the outside. In Ink’dWell, we get to see Kendra’s healing anxiety with the fresh trauma of her brother’s death. This play draws you in, making you believe one thing and pulls a full 180 completely flipping script; keeping the readers on the edge of their seat. If you get the chance, this play is highly recommended.
  • New Light Theater Project:
    8 Aug. 2020
    We were thrilled to present our 2020/2021 New Light New Voices Award, our annual literary prize, to E.E. Adam’s INK’DWELL, chosen from over 500 submissions.

    Adams’ script impressed our readers and panel because of its extraordinary theatricality (magical realism at its best!) and powerful story of a family uncovering deep secrets from within. The nuanced relationships between the four women who are navigating a painful loss, all while wrestling to understand mental health, brilliantly unlocks the love and strength of family.

  • Molly Wagner:
    22 Jul. 2020
    A beautiful and intimate portrayal of the things a family hides. Kendra's relationship to Issac is felt through every sentence that is both spoken and unspoken. It is powerful and dynamic and truly builds upon each scene. There are such wonderfully nuanced women in this show that would be a treat for any actress and E. E. Adams does an incredible job of deftly handling what life is like when dealing with anxiety and the stigmatization of caring for your mental health.
  • Bethany Roberts:
    13 Jun. 2020
    This play is beautiful and magical. The language draws you in from page one and doesn't let you go. It is the story of strength and love and grief and how all those things exist together. I definitely recommend!
  • Amanda Buchalter:
    13 Jun. 2020
    "Ink'dWell" flows incredibly well through family love and strife. Secrets are revealed with impeccable timing. Each struggle is met with love. This play is truly a testament to how powerful magical realism can be.