The Vicarious Son (Monologue)

When a young man's mother dies, he goes out in search of what was missing in her life.
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The Vicarious Son (Monologue)

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  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    14 Jan. 2022
    This monologue is beautiful and sad as a son tries to prevent himself from dying with the regret his mother died with, and to somehow give her what she felt she had missed out on. Marcia Eppich-Harris reminds us that nothing is clear-cut and nothing is universal. Having achieved what his mother didn't get the chance to, her son ends up with his own regrets. What a beautiful snapshot of what it's like to be human.
  • Paul Smith:
    11 Jan. 2022
    I get this - I totally do - 20+ years after the death of my parents I know I still seek something they missed out on, something to make them proud, something - but ..... it's not there - all except that feeling in the head and the heart and the loss you feel. Marcia Eppich-Harris condenses loss, in all its many guises, into a beautifully written and heart-rending monologue of exquisite depth and understanding. Deeply moving and real.
  • Megan Ann Jacobs:
    17 Jun. 2020
    A hollowing piece that explores the difference between regrets you own and regrets that were transferred to you. Beautifully written.

Character Information

  • Son

Production History

  • Professional
    Fat Turtle Theatre Company