In A Darkroom, The Lord Knows

Two girls attending a christian school deal with the aftermath of the purity culture they've been brought up in and the harmful effects it has caused in both of their lives.
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In A Darkroom, The Lord Knows

Recommended by

  • Greg Lam:
    23 Jun. 2022
    Two-character high school play in a school self-defined by its devotion to Christianity. The world building of this specific school environment is spot on, and this short, revealing piece delivers.
  • Schaeffer Certenberg:
    23 Apr. 2022
    A beautiful play anyone who’s ever struggled with their religion can understand. It’s well worth the read.
  • Leia Mendoza:
    22 Apr. 2022
    I loved this so much! The relationships between the two girls was so well crafted and well written and I just found myself caring so much about them.


John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play
Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival