Beat Bobby Flay

Bianca journeys into the Atomic Wasteland searching for her dad after her mom goes on Beat Bobby Flay--the number one rated reality television program in West America. Along the way she finds some wares, some dust, and national treasure: Ina Garten. (70 Minutes)
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Beat Bobby Flay

Recommended by

  • Gamal ElSawah:
    22 Jun. 2020
    This coked-up joyride has everything a great play could ever need- gut-busting comedy, tender moments between mothers and daughters, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and Celebrity Chef Ina Garten. In a brisk, satisfying play that would make even a 30 Minute Meal jealous, EJ Meehan lays all of his delicious storytelling tools on the table, and serves up a play that leaves an audience desperately craving the chance to see just what he cooks up next.

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