The Very Furious Kugel

Your grandfather met a demon yesterday, but she's really not that bad. Inspired by Yiddish folktales, my dad's stories, and really good leftovers.
Can be performed as either audio drama or staged.
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The Very Furious Kugel

Recommended by

  • Alexander Perez:
    2 May. 2022
    This was such a heartwarming piece. I must have smiled the whole way through!

    Bierman's yarn is not only a nimble, clever, and charming piece, it's also a master class in explaining the sudden absence of goodies in the fridge to the youngsters.
  • Audrey Lang:
    29 Oct. 2021
    This is such a fun piece and so delightfully Jewish! As a lover and frequent maker of kugel myself, "The Very Furious Kugel" had me smiling and enjoying myself the whole time I was reading it -- as well as craving some kugel!

Development History

  • Reading
    At the Table series, Charging Moose Media

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Almost Theater Festival, Obvious Child Productions