World Builders

Unproduced, two-person, dark romantic comedy.

Max and Whitney are patients in a clinical drug trial. The pills they are testing will rid them of elaborate fantasy worlds they have constructed as part of schizoid personality disorders. As the pills start to work, they fall in love. But is loving one person really work destroying two entire worlds?
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World Builders

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    7 Aug. 2021
    A fascinating look at mental health and love as one makes a choice as to whether it's worth it. Well done.
  • Matt Pelfrey:
    11 Aug. 2019
    Every time you think you know where this play is going, and where it will end up, it shifts in surprising ways, staying true to the characters and the darkness they are grappling with.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    7 Apr. 2019
    This is a charming piece that starts out a somewhat quirky rom-com but ends up something so deep and true and wonderful - it's like the discovery of a prism refracturing light - that so much could come from such a seemingly simple set-up - I am fascinated and thrilled by it!

Character Information

  • Whitney
  • Max

Development History

  • Reading
    Lark - Round Table

Production History