Lucy Tries Again

Produced by Crafton Hills College

(10 Min) 16-year-old Lucy Ball has just been kicked out of her NYC drama school for being too shy and having insufficient talent. Back home with her mom, Lucy tries to figure out what if anything to do next. (Based on the life of iconic TV star Lucille Ball and written for 365 Women a Year)
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Lucy Tries Again

Recommended by

  • Morey Norkin:
    20 Jun. 2023
    Who doesn’t love Lucy? And in this delightful look at 16-year-old Lucille Ball, Jennifer O’Grady presents a young woman doubting her talent because she was sent home from a prestigious acting school. The reason? She was too shy! Because of the support of her wise mother we know how things turned out. But what a wonderful lesson no matter your aspirations: believe in yourself and don’t let others define you. A wonderful chance to once again say I Love Lucy!
  • Ross Tedford Kendall:
    14 May. 2021
    A great little biographical play about a pivotal moment in the life of one of our most cherished comediennes. This made me want to look more into the life of Lucille Ball. Great job!
  • Susan Middaugh:
    15 Sep. 2020
    All playwrights who are discouraged need a mother like Lucille Ball's. This short play offers a pleasant change from a stage door Mama. Persistence!

Character Information

  • Lucy
  • DeDe (pronounced "DeeDee")
    Her mom

Production History

  • University
    (filmed producton), Crafton Hills College New Works Festival


New Works Festival
Crafton Hills College