Short Stories

Two friends meet at a coffee shop and exchange notes over drinks. They’re both aspiring writers with crazy schedules. And it’s been a while.
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Short Stories

Recommended by

  • John Kelly:
    23 Nov. 2021
    A wonderful, moving short two-hander that is so much more than it first appears to be. The love, loss, grief and renewal evident in the work make it supremely affective. (Be advised, this is a highly personal work for the playwright.) Highly Recommended.

Character Information

  • Harry
    A writer with a preference for tattoos, medieval history, rock music, and hot toddies. She/They.
  • Reggie
    Also a writer, with no tattoos, too many history books on too many periods, also a love for rock music, and hasn’t as of yet waded into the world of hot toddies. She/Her.