Normalcy [a 1-minute play]

ONE-MINUTE PLAY. Maria, the office place lemon face, is ready to give Ginny a piece of her mind. Because sometimes things like that have to happen.
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Normalcy [a 1-minute play]

Recommended by

  • Adam Richter:
    14 Jul. 2022
    The state of "normal" is the epitome of mundane, until it becomes a goal that we hope to reach. In this wonderful 1-minute play, Martin shows us a normal office encounter as the platonic ideal and gives us so much depth to these characters we want the play to go on well beyond its one-minute running time. Another brilliantly written short play by Steven Martin. Bravo!
  • Vince Gatton:
    5 Dec. 2021
    This terrific 1-minute play has made me re-think what’s possible in that form. Every detail, every glance, every non-verbal action is hyper-important in telling the story of this complex, layered, profoundly emotional, and ultimately beautiful moment. A gorgeous reminder of the complicated and sometimes counterintuitive ways we depend on each other, especially when the chips are down.
  • Scott Sickles:
    5 Dec. 2021
    A perfect example of why directors should never cross out the stage directions. (Seriously, stop doing that or we'll sic Maria on you and you don't want that. Read this to find out why!)

    A water cooler conversation like no other, the surface unpleasantries provide a necessary panacea to a deluge of unwanted sympathy. Sometimes, you just need miserable people to be miserable, for your sake and theirs.

    Best of all, I want to know more about Maria and Ginny! I want to know just how unpleasant things will get for many years to come!

Character Information

  • Maria
    Early 40s,
    She is the Workplace Lemon Face.
  • Ginny
    Late 50s,
    She is genuinely liked in the workplace.