Off Duty

A 10-minute play about two low-ranking police officers on their lunch break trying to make sense of the world and proceed as normal in the chaos of a catastrophic event.
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Off Duty

Recommended by

  • Christopher Plumridge:
    5 Nov. 2021
    This is a powerful two hander, subtle and simple in its setting but so much told in such a short piece. We don't find out what catastrophe has occurred but you can't help feel for Jenny as duty stops her being where she wants to be. A great read!
  • John Kelly:
    6 Sep. 2021
    A wonderful two-hander about two distinct individuals in a truly unique situation. Sara Jean Accuardi has a superb ability to create modern true-to life dialogue. The banter jumps off the page. I'm a fan! Brava!
  • Cheryl Bear:
    20 Mar. 2020
    A fantastic play that has such authenticity to it, the facade of being able to keep the world safe and our feeling of powerlessness the officers face as they leave their families at home. Great work!

Development History

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    Fertile Ground Festival of New Works


2021 International Playwrights Series
Kairos Italy Theater
Spotlight Award
Smith and Kraus Publishers