Really Adult

Finalist: Actor's Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award, 2017

TEN MINUTE: Julie would love to have a great first day working the Customer Service desk at Target, but maybe not as much as flirting with Frank, the employee assigned to train her. As the two discuss a possible date their personal lives become more and more clear, which leads to awkward territory.
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Really Adult

Recommended by

  • Emily Hageman:
    10 Jul. 2018
    Bublitz has such a gift for writing young adults. She is so respectful of them, but she is so honest--capturing them in all their stuttering awkwardness and sheepish attempts at actually committing to something. "Really Adult" is a fantastic two-hander, a slice of life that is really neither funny nor dramatic. It's a bit of both. These two characters are both so determined to be something they are not and are so embarrassed by who they are. The end made me cringe. I sure hope Julie and Frank figure "adulting" out.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    25 Apr. 2018
    I love this play and how it captures that uncertainty of being twenty-something and awkward and poor and navigating unexpected situations. Bublitz has definitely captured a moment that hits entirely too close to home. I also love the last line's double meaning because it gives my imagination a glimpse into what's going to happen for these two.
  • Claudia Haas:
    24 Apr. 2018
    I’m not sure there were any adults in the room but I did love the lengths the characters go to convince themselves. Bublitz’s dialogue crackles with honesty and self-consciousness that endears you to them. Julie digs herself a quagmire from which she (maybe) wants to escape. Or not. I love how Bublitz takes an ordinary situation and makes it extraordinary.

Production History

  • Professional
    Wet Paint New Play Festival


Heideman Award
Actors Theatre of Louisville