Really Adult

Finalist: Actor's Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award, 2017

TEN MINUTE: Julie would love to have a great first day working the Customer Service desk at Target, but maybe not as much as flirting with Frank, the employee assigned to train her. As the two discuss a possible date their personal lives become more and more clear, which leads to awkward territory.
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Really Adult

Recommended by

  • Claudia Haas:
    24 Apr. 2018
    I’m not sure there were any adults in the room but I did love the lengths the characters go to convince themselves. Bublitz’s dialogue crackles with honesty and self-consciousness that endears you to them. Julie digs herself a quagmire from which she (maybe) wants to escape. Or not. I love how Bublitz takes an ordinary situation and makes it extraordinary.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    9 Apr. 2018
    Relatable and engaging, this short play feels like a little window between endings and beginnings -- at Target. Writer Bublitz charges her characters with plenty of chemistry and humor, as she has them test the waters with each other and the future. This play offers creative teams lots of space for dynamic staging -- perfect scene for a college or university setting, or a contemporary festival.
  • Steven Hayet:
    6 Nov. 2017
    Loved this play. Incredibly smart and insightful in the way it plays with the idea of being on a right path to adulthood. Bublitz's dialogue for Julie and Frank is lovably awkward and gives her characters a true realness and relatability.


Heideman Award
Actors Theatre of Louisville