On 9th Street

Selected for The New Deal Creative Arts Center's 2022 10x10

(!0 Min) Four Abstract Expressionist women artists await the opening of their group exhibition in a condemned building in lower Manhattan. A play about the women of the 9th Street Show. (Written for 365 Women a Year)
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On 9th Street

Recommended by

  • Aly Kantor:
    8 Jan. 2022
    In this delightful, slice-of-life ensemble piece, we're introduced to four historical female artists whose work is being presented in a decrepit New York City tenement. In a world in which their work is an afterthought (on multiple levels), they make one another feel seen and appreciated. Together, they must reconcile their disappointments with the reality that every small opportunity is a step toward success. Artists of all mediums will see themselves in these angsty starving artists - playwrights included! By the end of the play, I found myself rooting for each and every one of them.
  • Serena Norr:
    3 Nov. 2021
    Nostalgic look into the world of four female artists who are buzzing with hope and excitement before their 9th Street Show. Jennifer's rich dialogue beautifully highlights the promise of these budding artists who get to know one another -- and dream of what's to come. A lovely piece that captures the spirit and heart of these artists.
  • D. Lee Miller:
    4 Dec. 2020
    We are immediately swept into 9th street - a condemned tenement. You can smell it, see it and feel part of the bunch of female artists who are forced to be shown downtown. Their camaraderie is palpable and it's lovely to be in their company as they begin to know each other. A delightful piece.

Character Information

  • Grace Hartigan
    Abstract Expressionist painter, American
  • Gitou Knoop
    Abstract Expressionist sculptor, Russian-born French of Dutch descent (pronounced Gi-TOO K-noop)
  • Anne Ryan
    Abstract Expressionist artist, American
  • Yvonne Thomas
    Abstract Expressionist painter, French-born American

Production History

  • Professional
    The New Deal Creative Arts Center