The Gantry sisters somehow managed to survive a youth pockmarked with poverty and emotional abuse at the hands of a deeply ill mother. Returning home to be together at their mother’s deathbed, it's the first time all six women have been in the same house in years. The experience unearths old grudges, reveals new secrets, and confronts them with the question: Is shared trauma a strong enough bond to hold their family together?
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    29 Jan. 2021
    A spectacular, authentic portrait of a family that goes to the heart of the trauma and the bonds that unite these women. Well done.
  • Molly Wagner:
    29 May. 2020
    Great roles for actresses, each returning to their childhood home and mother with their own baggage. These sisters don't demand any pity from the audience, which is refreshing given the heavy subject matter that reunited them. As they discuss the past and the present we understand why they stayed apart, and why they came back together.
  • Heather Helinsky:
    1 May. 2016
    This play delivers a good emotional suckerpunch...or at the very least, a metaphorical bloody nose! Yes, there are family dramas aplenty set when a parental figure is dying, but this character-driven story about six half-sisters gathered together in their rural home one last time is fun, gritty, and tense. Would hate to see a story with six prime roles for actresses sit on the sidelines for too long---give it a chance, these characters are ready to get in the ring and duke it out about about family secrets and sisterhood.

Character Information

  • Auggie
    early 40s,
    Female or Non-binary
    the oldest; real name August; caretaker of their mother; accountant; likes to be in charge
  • Ember
    late 30s,
    the second-oldest; real name September; housewife married to a used car dealership owner; willing to sacrifice
  • April
    mid 30s,
    Female or Non-binary
    the third-oldest; also called Ape; bouncer; MMA fighter; able to take a beating
  • Jan
    early 30s,
    fourth-oldest; real name January; elementary school teacher; willing to pick a fight
  • May
    early 30s,
    Female or Non-binary
    second-youngest; also called Mayfly; tattoos, piercings, bold hair choices; burlesque performer and model; refuses to be the shy one anymore
  • Junebug
    the youngest; real name June; drifter, singer; spends most of her time alone; a little too much like her mother

Development History