The Amazing Always

When you are in the game of America’s Game and your family own a team, you already have a golden ticket to one of the nation’s most exclusive clubs. But through three generations, the Always have been a house divided. The Amazing Always is a dark and haunting family epic spanning 40 years, around the intrigue and the occult of Pro Football.
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The Amazing Always

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    12 Aug. 2020
    An intense play about the competitive nature of the football business and the way power shifts can drive someone to their breaking point. The deeper nature of patriotic metaphors we make to cultivate a religious attitude about sports are well captured. Truly captivating and well done.
  • Elizabeth A. M. Keel:
    30 Oct. 2018
    One of the most ambitious plays I’ve read in awhile! Time jump plays normally give me a headache, but this one was such a clear descent that I was able to keep up with no problems. There’s some ghostly, mad rowdiness in here I have not yet seen onstage! Furthermore, even though it is a “football play,” it is still anchored in the truthfulness of the family dynamics. It's a long journey through time and space, but it held me captivated all the way through. Just fascinating.

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    The Drama Book Shop, New York City
  • Residency
    Western Carolina University, Niggli New Works Reading Series