The Amazing Always

When you are in the game of America’s Game and your family own a team, you already have a golden ticket to one of the nation’s most exclusive clubs. But through three generations, the Always have been a house divided. The Amazing Always is a dark and haunting family epic spanning 40 years, around the intrigue and the occult of Pro Football.
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The Amazing Always

Recommended by

  • Elizabeth A. M. Keel:
    30 Oct. 2018
    One of the most ambitious plays I’ve read in awhile! Time jump plays normally give me a headache, but this one was such a clear descent that I was able to keep up with no problems. There’s some ghostly, mad rowdiness in here I have not yet seen onstage! Furthermore, even though it is a “football play,” it is still anchored in the truthfulness of the family dynamics. It's a long journey through time and space, but it held me captivated all the way through. Just fascinating.

Development History

  • Reading
    The Drama Book Shop, New York City
  • Residency
    Western Carolina University, Niggli New Works Reading Series