New York City, 1956. Band leader Guy Lombardo struggles with the decision as whether or not to bring his successful New Year’s Eve broadcast from radio to television. Will he do it? Of course he does! Those and many other obvious questions are answered in this 10-minute biographic stage play which is just like all those other biographic stage plays.
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Recommended by

  • Greg Vovos:
    10 Jan. 2020
    This is a hilarious look at Lombardo’s life. Love the meta-theatre exploration of playwriting dramaturgy that won’t alienate an audience, but rather bring them into the joke. I bet this would be hilarious to see. I could think of a thousand actresses that would kill in the role of Lilliebell. Smart, economical, inventive, and lots of fun. Happy New Year.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    3 Jan. 2020
    Read this play twice. Hansen has written a wry parody of biographical plays and their limitations. And playwrights' and historians' limitations. Kudos on Lilliebell Lombardo's outcry, too -- the most genuine and emotional moment in this short play.
  • Luke Brett:
    31 Dec. 2019
    Lombardo, in ten pages, finds a way to be ABOUT the holiday of New Year's Eve while still being funny and giving actors a wonderful playground to run in. A fun, quick party of a script.

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Fine Arts Association