[Monologue : Approx 3 Minutes] Love, hope, and hearing what we want to hear. Anna, a young high school student, tells her tragic story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Recommended by

  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    7 May. 2018
    Wow, so powerful and harrowing and tragic. Very hard to stop thinking about.
  • Claudia Haas:
    14 Apr. 2018
    Truly a chilling monologue basked in warmth and sweetness. Partain gives you Anna in all her teenage angst, her hopes and her so 16-year-old crush. You know her. You want to protect her. And that’s the point: we should be protecting all of them.
  • Nelson Diaz-Marcano:
    10 Apr. 2018
    Absolutely heartwrenching. Partain masterfully construct a relatable story that leads to a moment that has been often discussed but not taken in. This play makes you take in the pain of the experience by making you know what's lost.

Character Information

  • Anna

Development History

  • Reading
    Samuel French, Theatre & Film Bookshop