The Pink Stuff

[10 Minutes] A brother and sister alone together in a metal storage container at the end of the world surrounded by chompers.
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The Pink Stuff

Recommended by

  • Asher Wyndham:
    28 Jun. 2018
    No zombies attack in this play, they're outside the storage container, but it's still a frightening read. Because you know at any moment something could happen -- and you know something terrible is going to happen after the play. The tenderness and sweetness between siblings, the images of visions and memories, the narrative power of this horror play is what sets it a part from many other horror short plays. This would be a perfect addition to any Halloween Play Festival. I would love to read a zombie full-length by Partain!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    13 Apr. 2018
    Vivid world and characters created in such a small space and time. THE PINK STUFF is filled with terrifying lines like "The three of us- we were home. The sun was alive." which pulls you right in to this horrifying world Partain has created. And while the horror is spot on, there's also a heartbreaking brother/sister relationship as well. Damn those zombies!
  • Rachael Carnes:
    4 Apr. 2018
    Wowza! I love it when in just ten short pages I am completely transported into a different realm of time and place. Writer Partain not only delivers a satisfyingly grim story arc, but carries it out with two sympathetic and multidimensional characters. This taut, remarkable play is imagistic and clever without veering too far from reality. Is this now? Is this the future? This is right where it needs to be. Can't wait to read more of this writer's work. What a treat.

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