Thank You, Porcupine

Always remember to say thank you to the animals.
A young Alaskan reckons with her family history as she dissects the natural world around her. What does it take for her to break away from her family's destructive cycle?
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Thank You, Porcupine

Recommended by

  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    10 Jul. 2023
    Strangely beautiful piece about what we take from the earth/mother nature, family trauma, and a young woman's understanding of the world. With airs of Conor McPherson and Caryl Churchill, the story weaves together in a miraculous way. McKinley looks towards the sins of the past to free herself into the future. Behlke has a wonderful way with natural dialogue and all of its imperfections, looping the ideas, characters, story into one thematic whole.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    29 Sep. 2022
    A beautiful (basically) solo piece about how we pass down the way we view nature.
  • Mildred Inez Lewis:
    22 Sep. 2022
    What a powerful and unique piece of work. It allows its female characters to delve into darkness without pulling any punches.

    Delightful. This is an original play.

Character Information

  • McKinley
    Born and bred in Alaska. Breathes out stories.
  • Dad
    The roots.


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