The Oktavist

[SHORT] In a small church in Imperial Russia, Father Kirill is approached by the scion of a prominent local family for a favor: the young man is convinced it's his divine calling to be an oktavist, one of the legendary ultra-deep-voiced singers in Russian liturgical music. That calling, and much else, will now be put to the test.

WINNER, The Gary Garrison Playwriting Award for 10-Minute Plays
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The Oktavist

Recommended by

  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    24 Jan. 2023
    The dialogue in this piece is so smart, funny and touching. The desire to create something beautiful doesn’t always come with the ability. Dmitri’s monologue about the epiphany is passionate and tragic. Lots of levels and layers to these characters to explore!
  • Hannah Lee DeFrates:
    20 Jan. 2023
    My heart breaks for lovable dork, Dmitri who does not yet understand the harmony he longs for. This is a good period piece for two actors who can play off of each other well. Props to Gatton!
  • Morey Norkin:
    14 Jan. 2023
    A marvelous character study! Vince Gatton demonstrates tremendous range employing slapstick, wit, and pathos. THE OKTAVIST hits all the right notes!

Character Information

  • Father Kirill
    40s - 50s,
    Male Identifying
    Local priest and choirmaster of St. Sophia's church near St. Petersburg, Father Kirill is handy, diplomatic, insightful, warm, and, when he has to be, firm. He knows things.
  • Dimitri
    The well-dressed young scion of a prominent local family, Dimitri is eager, energetic, awkward, funny, clueless, and entirely sincere. The last great lovable dork in Imperial Russia.


Gary Garrison Playwriting Award for Ten Minute Plays
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