Semi-finalist in the 2018 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

When a teenaged girl tries to get her twin brother to accept the severity of her illness, he focuses on mending a sibling squabble with the admission of a long-hidden secret.

** Also available in a Quebecois French translation **
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Recommended by

  • Mia Yankovich:
    15 Jan. 2024
    This play has so much you can play around with. It has a sad plot, yet humor that makes its way in and out of it. It is a darker play but it is handled in a lighter manner which makes it a really nice play to read and gives a lot of opportunity for actors to play around with it. There is also a nice character dynamic that feels very realistic. Very well-written play.
  • James McLindon:
    1 Sep. 2020
    A beautifully moving piece about death and acceptance, which wisely steers clear of the maudlin and finds immense power in the mundane.
  • Marj O'Neill-Butler:
    31 Aug. 2020
    This is a moving play about dying and undying love; the things we can't say when we're in pain for someone else. Even with all of that, there is humor and filial closeness. A beautiful piece of writing about teenaged twins.

Character Information

  • Chloe
  • Tyler
    Chloe's twin brother

Development History

Production History


Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival