Such a Pretty Face

A heartfelt, belly-laugh-inducing look at body image, love, and self via traditional dialogue and slam poetry. Painfully honest best friends mixed with boyfriends "who just don't get it" make our main character, simply named Girl, all the more relatable as a plus size woman in a world that wants her to downsize her volume, her attitude, and her pants size. Such A Pretty Face is the fat anthem we have all been waiting for.
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Such a Pretty Face

Recommended by

  • Jordan Kilgore:
    5 Jun. 2018
    Such a Pretty Face is a body positive manifesto that never falters in its sense of optimism in the face of adversity. Sharp, funny dialogue and brilliantly lively slam poetry, along with a protagonist who feels undeniably relatable, are among the things that make this piece soar. Really great roles and material for plus-size actresses. Would recommend giving it a read!
  • Francis Boyle:
    16 Feb. 2018
    Such a Pretty Face is a challenging look at how it feels to seek for love while fat. The narrative is punctuated with slam poetry all focused the experience from earliest thoughts to ultimate breakthroughs. The Girl is who we always wished we'd be. She's fat and demands to be treated as an equal. Her journey is hilarious and sad. Beyond this, the broader point of loving oneself regardless of how we're wrapped permeates this play. Give it a read!

Development History

  • Workshop
    and staged reading at Theatre Schmeater in Seattle, WA