No Cure For Cancer

An inquisitive young man and a troubled mother meet in a medical library. Diagnoses are made, and a cure is sought.
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No Cure For Cancer

Recommended by

  • Stephen Graff:
    24 Apr. 2019
    David Hansen has written a piece that seems, at first glance, to be a conversation between grief and cold logic, but then the woman’s personal story about her own loss and of the doctor’s dismissive approach to her son gives dramatic, emotional clarity to the discussion at the beginning about specimens in jars. This short but dramatically powerful play builds to a pitch-perfect ending.
  • Donna Gordon:
    21 Apr. 2019
    Talk about inhumanity to man. Both of these characters seem far out on their own feelings, which undoubtedly have much to do with their beliefs. I would choose the realist. This covers ground that evokes much thought.
  • Luke Brett:
    24 Jun. 2018
    The script does so much in so little time. It is eventful, electric and its conversation feels more like overheard reality than written drama. And what you hear literally makes you want to hide.

Character Information

  • She
    A nervous parent.
  • He
    Late 20s,
    A confident student.

Production History

  • Professional
    Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage