Inbox: Empty or Airport: Scanning

10-MINUTE: Girl meets boy. At a gym. As their thoughts manifest in IM conversations over their shoulders, their wavelengths scramble, and they accidentally say what they mean. A comedic and touching piece about risking vulnerability and the terror of making new friends after 30.
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Inbox: Empty or Airport: Scanning

Recommended by

  • Claudia Haas:
    29 Apr. 2018
    At the gym, connected to their electronics, two people are at a loss to make connections. I love how the honesty stays hidden at the beginning and slowly comes out because they feel safe. A sweet, thoughtful, poignant take on the romantic comedy - it offers more than attraction - it offers vulnerability, opening yourself up, the risk that is inherent when you take a chance. In an increasingly, supposedly "connected age, the play centers on a true connection. And it is lovely.
  • David Lee White:
    29 Apr. 2018
    How wonderful to read a play about a man and a woman that isn’t about hooking up or finding a mate, but is simply about making a connection. This play is clever and theatrically savvy, but underneath the fun (and funny) use of technology is a very sweet, very human story.
  • Jordan Elizabeth Henry:
    28 Apr. 2018
    A surprisingly touching, funny, clever short play about communication, isolation, and vulnerability -- and about the unexpected magic that can happen when you meet the "right" person at the "right" time. I love the interplay of the real person with the online persona: the fluid movement between complete, shocking honesty and the calculated responses, the speeches we prepare in our heads that help us cope with the world. I really love this short play.

Production History

  • Professional
    Luna Theater