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After brutally trolling a woman named Ann Marie online about her cat photos, Rick is terrified to discover she's camped outside his apartment. Ready to murder him.
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    22 Apr. 2019
    Very smart, there's so much to play with and it's perfect timing. Oh trolls. We can all mutually agree we can't stand them. The audience will enjoy this so much!
  • Steven Hayet:
    16 Apr. 2018
    Revenge is a dish best served with cold cereal. Absolutely loved this play. Smart, dark, and incredibly funny. Yockey plucks an unrepentant troll from the darkest corner of the Internet and throws him at the mercy of the Internet Gods. "Because consequences." I'm excited for the actors who get to be in it (each character has hilarious show-stealing moments) and audiences who get to see it (please produce it near me so I can be part of one!).
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    13 Apr. 2018
    I loved ADORABLE KITTEN IMAGE COLLAPSE so freakin' much! It is hilarious, timely, and the characters are wild and have so much at stake. What a treat for everyone involved, from the designers who get to bring all the theatricality to life, to the actors who all have killer parts, to a director who'd get to navigate this amazing world Yockey creates in just ten pages, and finally the audience who gets to enjoy all of the things put together. Highly recommend you read and produce this play! Especially produce it near me, please and thank you.

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