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  • Neil Radtke:
    25 Apr. 2024
    I teach middle school and this is pretty much spot on. I found myself nodding with each of the interactions as they played out and thinking "yep, that's how it goes." Well written and definitely something that will pull at the nostalgic heartstrings!
  • Claudia Haas:
    20 Jan. 2023
    Talking to the chaperone, drinking too much oversweetened punch, finding a wall to hang on to - who doesn’t have those memories of a middle school dance? Syran’s play evokes so much emotion from those times. I love the dancer just dancing for personal enjoyment - why didn’t we all do that? And I love the beginnings of connections shyly made with care. A beautiful moment in time for young teens.
  • John Patrick Bray:
    5 Feb. 2022
    Nora Louise Syran has woven together the collective memories of so many of us that have experienced the awkward h*ck that is a middle-school dance, but tinged it with the sweetness that we yearn for when we're too shy to peel ourselves off the wall. I adore this play and hope to see it fully staged, with all of its wonderful suggested choreography.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    1 Dec. 2021
    A beautiful gem woven with light — and the incandescent awkwardness of teenagers. Syran crafts a lilting constellation that draws us into its tiny orbit and lets us see the heavens, in a moment. Just lovely!
  • Scott Sickles:
    28 Nov. 2021
    I hope this play is never staged in two minutes. I want to savor it for at least 5!

    Syran has given us a lovely confection, full of substance, lighter than air. What's especially brilliant is that the characters can be cast with age-appropriate people of any race/gender so the story has kaleidoscopic possibilities.

    It's a short short that actors, directors, designers, and choreographers should salivate over. I want to see it cast with as wide an array of actors as possible. Then I want them to switch characters and do it again. And again.

    This made my night!