Confessions of the Big Bad Wolf (10 Minute play)

The Big Bad Wolf starts to question his life choices, but before he can have a total change of heart, his wife has something to say about it.
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Confessions of the Big Bad Wolf (10 Minute play)

Recommended by

  • Samantha Marchant:
    16 Dec. 2022
    Very funny alternate look at a popular character. I like the introduction of Queenie. They are the worst and made for each other.
  • Hannah Lee DeFrates:
    5 Dec. 2022
    Behind every Big Bad Wolf is a Queenie to support the huffing and puffing and destruction of houses. What a silly-goofy piece! Spoofy, modern, and sweet, "Confessions of the Big Bad Wolf" is a comedy for all the ages. I love me a good fractured fairytale, so I absolutely enjoyed this play.
  • Christopher Plumridge:
    2 Dec. 2022
    Ha, Mr Big 'Ethical' Wolf! I love this spin on the big bad wolf as he comes to see the error of his ways. But in all fairy tales, we need the bad guy, the wolf, the antagonist. Will Mr Big Bad listen to his wife and turn things back round. Read this fun play for yourself to find out, it's a real hoot...I mean howl!

Character Information

  • Big Bad Wolf
    Male and/or male presenting
    Should have some minimal costuming to show that he's a wolf.
  • Queenie
    Female or Female Presenting
    Should have some makeup or costuming indicating she's a wolf.

Development History

  • Workshop
    Indiana Playwrights Circle

Production History