Last Exit

Moving day brings closure to a relationship. Or does it?

NOTE: This play is also incorporated as part of "A Tree Grows in Longmont," but is still available as a stand-alone piece.
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Last Exit

Recommended by

  • Vivian Lermond:
    29 Apr. 2020
    LAST EXIT pulls at the heart strings and connects us so much with our own personal break-up experiences. Marvelous realistic tension and dialogue with plenty of subtext for actors! A winner of a play!
  • William J. Goodwin:
    11 Jan. 2020
    A look at the last moments of a couple who has broken up and is moving on. Or are they? Mr. Williams is able to create a keen tension underneath realistic dialogue so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. A quiet reflective look at inner turmoil and bad choices. A very "human" play.
  • Arianna Rose:
    31 Oct. 2019
    Mr. Williams so brilliantly captures the angst of a love affair ending and the pain of packing up our physical belongings and our emotional yearnings. Highly recommended.

Character Information

  • Malcolm
  • Arnold

Production History

  • Professional
    New Theatre