sorry sorry okay sorry

90 minutes. A woman desperate to do good in the wake of grief returns to her Pacific Northwest town to visit her childhood friend, who has been struck by unexpected tragedy. (Previously titled: "Tryhard" for the Valdez Theatre Conference).
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sorry sorry okay sorry

Recommended by

  • Tom Moran:
    9 Jul. 2023
    I was sad to miss this at the Valdez Theatre Conference and glad to find it here instead. What a solid, affecting, nuanced play. The characters are all relatable and believable, the situation is expertly crafted, and the naturalistic language is wonderful, from the therapy jargon through the expertly placed pauses and interruptions. What these characters go through is all terribly real, and all really terrible.
  • Greg Romero:
    27 Jun. 2023
    I'm so happy I got to see this play as part of the 2023 Valdez Theater Conference, though now I realize that "happy" is a misleading word because this play is so beautifully devastatingly sad. There is so much impressive writing here that hit me right in the guts and bones. All three characters are so well-written, with such smart detail and humor and honesty. Really fantastic, heart-breaking/opening work. This plays makes me want to hug everything I love for as long as I can.
  • Aurora Behlke:
    20 Jun. 2023
    I rarely cry at plays, but the ending of this play hit me like a truck when I heard it read aloud. What a fantastic (and hilarious) (and gut wrenching) portrait of grief, solitude, miscommunication... as someone who has lost a parent, this was such a healing piece to see.

Character Information

  • Clementine
  • Clancy
  • David


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