Corporeal Punishment


Harvey shows up at an old, dark house to find Stefan in a panic next to a decapitated body holding its head in its lap. The body isn't the most unsettling thing in the room.

CW: implied violence and discussion of suicide
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Corporeal Punishment

Recommended by

  • Alexa Schoffel:
    2 Aug. 2023
    This short play is as funny as it is dark! It's always interesting to see how the horror genre can come to life through theatre, and this play is a perfect exhibition of how seamlessly the two can work together. I adored these characters and thought the script was very well-written, great work!
  • Christopher Soucy:
    10 Jul. 2023
    Classic twist And so much fun! Scott Sickles crafts a spooky tale of manipulation and revenge perfect for an evening of haunted delights!
  • John Medlin:
    30 Apr. 2023
    Horror and comedy have such a fun relationship. Scott walks the line between the two forms brilliantly in "Corporeal Punishment". The jokes are pitch-black but effective. The tension could be cut with a knife at parts. The twists and turns keep you on your toes throughout. I love a script that deals with the occult, and this one was highly enjoyable. Definitely check it out if you need a short play in your upcoming season!

Development History

  • Workshop
    The Pulp Stage