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  • Paul Donnelly:
    19 Jul. 2022
    This is a compelling depiction of the start of a bad marriage. Man and Woman are both clear in their sadly divergent views of what this wedding means. So much that is so resonant is revealed in this short piece.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    15 Jul. 2022
    This is very much a 1971 marriage! I mean, this poor woman couldn't get her own line of credit in '71. So many women jumped at their first proposal, thinking it was "freedom." It's sad and funny at the same time. But, come to think of it, this arrangement still happens today. A two minute play that really has me thinking!
  • Cole Hunter Dzubak:
    15 Jul. 2022
    This is relatable. As a kid I would've thought this was fiction, but as an adult with 6+ years to process my parent's divorce, this doesn't seem far from truth that many people probably (and sadly) faced. Marcia Eppich-Harris created a great piece of theatre with this short play!
  • Ross Tedford Kendall:
    15 Jul. 2022
    Weddings are high on emotion, and this play often shows that different emotions are often experienced, even with two people in the middle of a lifelong commitment. A nice little piece.
  • John Busser:
    15 Jul. 2022
    A lot can happen in 2 minutes. A lifetime of upcoming bliss vs. a lifetime of eternal regret and the wedding that binds them together. Marcia Eppich-Harris needs to write a two minute followup on the reception. Then another on the wedding night. And so on, and so on.
  • Christopher Soucy:
    15 Jul. 2022
    I think what makes this short, biting play all the more heartbreaking is its title. Knowing that you are watching the speculation of an event made from a lifetime of observation. Knowing that what followed inspired this darkly comic but ultimately tragic play. Kudos to Marcia Eppich-Harris on a superbly crafted short play.
  • Morey Norkin:
    15 Jul. 2022
    Marcia Eppich-Harris packs quite a lot of wit and drama into two minutes! I can imagine couples in an audience stealing glances at one another and wondering, “Is that what he/she was thinking?” The couple in this play has only just begun and that’s so sad. Well done!
  • Arthur M Jolly:
    15 Jul. 2022
    Dark humor? Deep tragedy? This wonderfully insightful play skates that line - but for me, in spite of its funny moments, it resonates much more profoundly with the tragic side - a two minute glimpse into a suffocating marriage that will drag on for years. This says so much about a patriarchal society, family expectations and stoic resignation in the face of them... and does so with a deft touch.
  • Scott Sickles:
    15 Jul. 2022
    In my parents’ wedding photo, my father looks like he hit the jackpot and my mother… does not.

    This is not so different.

    Eppich-Harris’s opening scene from a marriage is swift, sharp, potent and powerful. The disparity of affection could not be clearer… unless you’re the groom. The reasons for this union are likewise vivid and a full, rich history is economically and effectively established. The characters extremely playable. One can’t help but worry and hope for these two fictional representations of real-life parents.
  • Randy Hunt:
    15 Jul. 2022
    I can only assume that a lot of U.S. marriages started out like this, hence the crazy divorce rate. The last line of this hits hard, and it's only four words. Great insight in this short piece.