A Mind Full of Venom

[10-minute] While in Rome to defend himself against charges of heresy, Galileo Galilei receives an unexpected visitor: Father Tommaso Caccini, the very man who denounced him and reported him to the Inquisition. Has Caccini come to apologize, as he claims, or does he have other motives?
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A Mind Full of Venom

Recommended by

  • Conor McShane:
    30 Aug. 2021
    A crackling take on the age-old debate between science and religion, and whether the two can be compatible with one another, written in precise, slightly elevated language. I was fascinated by the notion that a universe without the Earth at its center forces us to confront our own insignificance in the cosmos, and how that conflicts with the central idea that we are creations of a perfect and loving God.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    26 Aug. 2021
    Despite their claim of compassion and love, the church has caused more damage to our world then will ever be known. That it still does so to this day is unforgivable. This meeting between the scientific and religious bodies could be happening today and sadly will continue to happen as long as the church maintains the hold it does over all things that they really should not be involved in.
  • Timothy-Talia M. Gadomski:
    1 Oct. 2020
    Wow. This play reminds me of the passion within the script "Amadeus" (one of my favorite plays.) Well researched and well written, this show is easily producible and I would love to see it live one day.

Character Information

  • Galileo
    51, Array,
    The scientist and mathematician.
  • Caccini
    41, Array,
    A conservative Dominican priest.

Production History

  • Professional
    The Pear Theatre, Mountain View, CA