mother's son

After the death of her son, an alternative music icon, Marie makes a pilgrimage to the Portland, Oregon house where he lived and recorded, searching for closure; instead, she finds a motley handful of lost souls, each touched by her son's life in one way or another. A play about the echoes of grief and the music of loss.
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mother's son

Recommended by

  • Adam Szymkowicz:
    2 May. 2019
    This is a really good play. You should read it.
  • Ryan Dumas:
    29 Aug. 2018
    mother's son explores the relationship between mothers and sons through the lens of a mother's grief, while also allowing us to examine how our actions affect those around us, even those we don't know. It is a haunting and deeply affecting play.
  • Elizabeth A. M. Keel:
    28 Aug. 2018
    mother's son is very, very fresh. It provides a deft and sensitive portrayal of a mother’s grief and confusion. The ethereal coolness of her son’s music career is as present in the room as his specter. I really enjoyed the structure of the play, with its alternating confrontations and forged alliances. The dual mother scene, between Charlene and Marie, was one of the best sections. Imagine Gwendolyn and Cecily as tired, unwed mothers, squaring off!

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