[10-minute Science Fiction Play]
In the Far Future, a Galactic Dramaturg presents a selection of the work by Earth Dramatist Ted Moniker.

Written for National Science Fiction Day 2023.
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  • Emily McClain:
    15 Jan. 2023
    This play reminds me so much of every time Neil deGrasse Tyson goes on a Tweetstorm about scientific inaccuracies in movies. Monica Cross perfectly captures the well-meaning but pedantic intentions of people who are obsessed with factual accuracy in place of emotional resonance. This script is so clever and the button on the end is sweet, hopeful--and I found it refreshing to see a "showmance" relationship can blossom even in the Far Future. Well done!
  • Vince Gatton:
    11 Jan. 2023
    A very brainy, very funny, oddly moving science fiction short, with something big to say about physics, human emotion, attention to detail, the sweep of time, historiography, social and historical contexts for art, and, most importantly, the very real danger of missing the forest for the trees. Imaginative, insightful, and tremendous fun.
  • Scott Sickles:
    3 Jan. 2023
    "a Dopamine Attention Variability-style mind"!!!
    I love you too, Monica Cross.

    And I LOVE this play!

    While dramaturgs takes it on the chin a bit (though stodgy dramaturgs must remember they are not the playwright, even if that playwright is long since molecules of ashes), full disclosure: when I read "There is no thought in the absence of time" my knee-jerk dramaturg's reaction was "well, that's not accurate." :-D

    It's nice to think that Terran drama might outlast the apocalypse and be discovered, even appreciated, by culturally advanced life forms. Especially those who love a good Shakespeare nod. Bravo!

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