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  • Zoe Senese-Grossberg:
    5 Oct. 2023
    A brilliant and lyrical short play that resists the need to have an easily digestible "bit" but instead lets the viewer luxuriate in the pain and tragic romance of its situation. Sarah Jae Lieber's triumph comes both in the emotional honesty of this play as well as in all its surprising moments of humor and levity, resisting the sappier and more stereotypical impulses a story like this might have.

    The characters are sharply human despite their mythos yet the original songs themselves are almost hilariously accurate to the source material. Overall, it is a truly lovely meditation.
  • Rob Silverman Ascher:
    19 May. 2023
    A short, tense exploration of the mythology behind one of folk music's greatest legends. Or maybe it just happens to be two songwriters named joanie and dylan. regardless, these are people who keep their heads in their own poetry and, as a result, don't know how to reveal themselves to each other.

    speaking strictly for me is like reading the liner notes of a relationship after its demise. Sarah Jae Lieber has painted a portrait of a couple tied by the inevitability of losing each other.
  • Sam Heyman:
    18 May. 2023
    Sarah Jae Leiber has created a beautiful, poignant song-for-the-stage about two people, two beautiful souls, yearning to be heard, and to hear the truth of their experiences spoken back to them in a language they understand.

    "speaking strictly for me" will speak to anyone who has loved someone and has struggled to find closure in some mutual truth that stubbornly refuses to be brought to the surface. You don't have to know Dylan or Joanie before reading this play, but by the end, you will. And it will break your heart all over again.
  • Samuel Langellier:
    17 May. 2023
    If you aren't one for the references, the reverences will still strike a chord as Sarah Jae Leiber spins together her own folktale across a time and distance where the words and worlds fall away and fact may become mythtaken.

    Not just to do it, but to duet it, the one act balances the parts of Dylan and Joanie and how passions and singing singled them out from one another. Reminders of the past aren't always enough when we want to find another person's words within our lives and to know what words they have for us, broken or not.