CHICK FIGHT! A Reckoning in Nine Movements

[full length] No ties allowed. Who will win, who will die, who will join her sisters in the infernal halls of disgrace?

"The play is a powerful commentary on a media culture that objectifies women, a society that teaches us that other women are threats, and a patriarchal system that refuses to let us out of the wrestling ring." - Krista Garver, Broadway World
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CHICK FIGHT! A Reckoning in Nine Movements

Recommended by

  • Philip Kaplan:
    31 Mar. 2024
    A biting play about how women are pitted against each other by society. The nine scenes cover a wide landscape, childhood, motherhood, politics, genuine friendship through sharp dialogue and crisp scenarios. Both abstract and very real.

Character Information

  • SHE
    a monstrous thing
  • HER
    a monstrous thing
  • HIM
    a constant presence, plays the cello
    can be any voice, but-- let's be real-- it's probably a dude. Can be pre-recorded if necessary.

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