One Month Along

A play occurring over several years in reverse chronology about three creatives navigating the world of theatre, friendship, and infidelity.
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One Month Along

Recommended by

  • David Hansen:
    14 Apr. 2019
    Gonzalez’s play achingly traces the creation and disillusion of a love triangle, but not in that order, telling a story scene by scene in reverse chronological order. He takes us back and back, peeling away the layers of deceit and unhappiness to get to the original sin of this doomed relationship— the idea that you can wish a romantic partnership into reality based on an idea. It’s a well-crafted romantic mystery and one I highly recommend.
  • Claudia Haas:
    27 Mar. 2019
    A beautiful and heart-stopping anatomy of both friendship, marriage and collaboration. It’s spare and unsparing. Gonzalez pays homage to a play that came before but has his own voice in the subject of betrayal, art and the nuances of love. A layered play which gives so much to all the artists involved.
  • Greg Burdick:
    27 Mar. 2019
    Raw, spare, and yet packed to the rafters with tension and depth, “One Month Along” is an autopsy of a marriage, a friendship, and a career. Gonazlez has an economy of words in this piece that is remarkable. Rhythms created by the moments when his characters speak (and when they don’t,) will make for a compelling evening for audiences, and a delicious challenge for the actors.

Development History


First Impressions Festival for Local Playwrights
Imprint Theatreworks