Landslide (a monologue)

Landslide explores a young man named Nate going to visit his grandfather. Nate reflects on past family experiences and the power of time while spending time with his favorite person in the world by reading the newspaper.
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Landslide (a monologue)

Recommended by

  • Olivia Matthews:
    13 Feb. 2019
    I had the privilege of seeing this devastating yet endearing monologue in performance. Porter captures the wistful nature of losing a loved one and trying to keep ahold of them as much as we can even if they are no longer physically with us. I'd have no problem encouraging actors of color to check out this dynamic piece.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    24 Jan. 2019
    It's best to have that one good friend that listens and supports you, even better when it's a family member, especially when other family members get in your face about the stupidest stuff or doubt you. The playwright captures that landslide of emotion, of loss for Nate, the grandson missing his grandfather. The playwright leaves so much for the actor to work with from beginning to end. A winning solo for audition or festival for a Black actor.

Character Information

  • Nate

Production History

  • University
    Ohio University