there will come a time for vengeance

Within the horrifying chambers of the Christian imagination, four Jews chart the psychological and sexual violence of internalized anti-Semitism. A revenge adaptation of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Marlowe's The Jew of Malta.
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there will come a time for vengeance

Recommended by

  • David Winitsky:
    13 Oct. 2022
    This play is exciting and transgressive in all the right ways. It’s also searching and touching and even a tearjerker. I’m thrilled by it and scared by It in equal measure, but I can’t wait to hear what people - Jewish people especially - have to say about it.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    8 May. 2021
    A fascinating piece of religious history and a brilliant adaptation of these classic tales from Shakespeare and Marlowe. Well done.
  • Enid Brain:
    13 Apr. 2021
    Angry, funny, and moving in equal measure. Marlin has created a really powerful work that I desperately hope I get to see on-stage some time soon. Our theatrical and political history is put under the microscope and the balance sheet is far from good. Marlin sets fire to the theatrical canon and makes you glad to watch it burn A powerful work


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