Tis True, Ma (Ten Minute)

I was deeply moved seeing photographs of and reading about the openly gay Irish Prime Minister’s visit to the Stonewall Inn on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. The play looks at the visit’s effect on a gay Irish-American man who is trying to gain acceptance from his mother and lover for different facets of his personality. Their evening at Stonewall moves one, but not the other.
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Tis True, Ma (Ten Minute)

Recommended by

  • Adam Richter:
    29 Dec. 2022
    There is a depressing stubbornness to hate, and what makes it worse is when such bigotry is on display in one's own family. Kevin's mother sticks to her rigid notions of what it means to be Irish, to the point of alienating her gay son. It would lead to a heartbreaking ending but for the choice that Kevin makes that gives him, and the audience, hope.

    Paul Donnelly packs a ton of thoughtful commentary into this short play with great dialogue and vivid characters. Well done!
  • John Busser:
    2 Mar. 2022
    Prejudice is always ugly, and never uglier when it concerns members of family. Paul Donnelly gives us a mother and son who have been butting heads on his lifestyle choices, with neither one backing down, in true Irish fashion. Kevin's attempts to gain her acceptance of him and his lover Michael while visiting the Stonewall Inn don't go as planned, but when do they ever? There is a breakthrough of sorts between the two men however that shows even smaller victories can be just as satisfying.
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    26 Oct. 2021
    Even when you are at a mature age and know who you are, you can still long for a parent’s acceptance. Paul Donnelly shows us that understanding and accepting ourselves is the greatest gift we can give.

Character Information

  • Siobhan O’Connor
    92, Array,
    Cisgender Female
    Born in the Republic of Ireland. Came to the States as a war bride. As Irish as the day she arrived. Capable of enormous respect and affection for the dead. Rigid, fierce, and unforgiving toward the living.
  • Kevin O’Connor
    67, Array,
    Cisgender Male
    Her son. Scarred by his Catholic upbringing, but able to live with the scars and, indeed, embrace aspects of his Irish heritage. Believes he can still win his mother’s love. Gay.
  • Michael Patrick O’Malley
    58, Array,
    Cisgender Male
    His lover. Endured a more abusive childhood, more physical violence. He has rejected the Catholic and the Irish in his background quite firmly. Doesn’t understand how Kevin can’t need to do the same.

Production History

  • Professional
    Buffalo United Artists Takes Ten: Stonewall Edition