Song for a Windy Night in the Suburbs

Lia climbs out of her window into the wind. The neighbors witness everything. If you watch through your white picket fence through your walled up privacy through your quiet contained life as somebody falls, are you responsible?
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Song for a Windy Night in the Suburbs

Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    29 Jan. 2019
    Stunningly beautiful work. Wonderfully dramatic and visual and also aural - it would be a great pleasure to witness live as in Produce This Everywhere Please.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    19 Sep. 2018
    I love this piece and really LOVE that it doesn't take the obvious route. Raker has some beautiful imagery and word play here that we don't see often on NPX. It's very poetic and haunting in a way certain parts of classic literature grabbed us when we were younger. I'm enamored with this script and can't wait to read more of Raker's stuff!

Development History

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    Our Voices Festival, Boston