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  • Jillian Blevins:
    17 Jun. 2023
    Non-linear storytelling isn’t new, but it can feel gimmicky or unmotivated. Not so in this metaphysical miracle of a play in which reality spins around one unendurable, unnameable moment, the narrative orbiting it, unable to escape its gravity.

    RADIO GHOSTS is carefully crafted with tremendous economy. Here, form and content reinforce each other; heady discussions of quantum physics and the human brain illuminate the structure of the play, helping us piece together the mystery at its center.

    Sound is integral to RADIO GHOSTS, providing any designer with the opportunity of a lifetime.

    A haunting tale.
  • Jared Michael Delaney:
    27 Sep. 2022
    This play is haunting, imaginative, thoroughly strange and extraordinarily heartfelt. I had the good fortune of participating in an informal reading of this play and was completely transported by it. Highly recommend.
  • Arthur M Jolly:
    22 Jun. 2022
    Greg Romero has such a distinctive voice as a writer - and in this collaboration with soundscape designer Mike Vernusky, Romero has once again achieved something haunting, compelling and original - a theatrical experience unlike any other writer out there.
    I saw it at the Valdez Theatre Conference, with the sound design playing, which adds so much. For theatres looking for something immersive for your audience - read this play.
  • Jasmine Spiess:
    22 Jun. 2022
    I had the pleasure of seeing the latest reading of this beautiful play at the Valdez Theatre Conference. From the moment you enter, there are sounds of voices overlapping each other, telling their ghost stories. You get a sense that this will be a visceral experience in ways you don't expect. William's lectures, his interactions with Abernathy/Wolf, Lorna's monologue, and the creation of the soundscapes throughout really set the tone for what is an incredible and beautifully tragic story. Looking forward to its further development! Bravo to you and to Mike!
  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    16 Jun. 2022
    Even in the setting of a reading in a conference center such as the Valdez Theatre Conference, the ethereal and mesmerizing atmosphere comes through. The characters grow and change -- literally -- as we listen to the moments and the echoes of words and sounds that make this a tale of lyrical beauty. Written with the music of Mike Vernusky, this would be a thrilling production on stage, and I hope to be there when it comes to full life.
  • Jan Probst:
    13 Jul. 2021
    I first encountered Radio Ghosts as an actor, preparing a monologue from the play. The story challenged me in many respects, engaged my senses and encouraged me to open my perspective beyond my tiny little view of the world. Greg Romero writes big plays (regardless of their length), with universal themes tucked into a mystical viewpoint. Radio Ghosts is no exception.
  • lee folpe:
    25 Mar. 2020
    Reading this play transported me to a universe very like our own, yet somehow much more beautifully lush and tragic.