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  • Ellen Davis Sullivan:
    6 Feb. 2019
    This is a dynamic play offering great theatricality. All aspects of this play work: the humor, the political issues raised, the graphic novel elements, along with the terrific characters. Topical and thought-provoking.
  • Megan Chaney:
    1 Feb. 2019
    The script avoids the easy traps of making the central conversation simple or black and white, instead remaining true to it's characters and getting into a more nuanced and interesting conversation about how we respond to and think about issues surrounding sexual assault. There are no purely good guys and bad guys here, as much as we'd like that to be the case, and the comic book framing brings the difference between that desire and reality into clear focus.
  • Cameron Houg:
    16 Jan. 2019
    I cannot possibly recommend this play enough. The characters are great, the story is engaging, and it's an incredibly fast read that makes it hard to put the script down.

    It is often hilarious but in a dark and insidious way. I found myself constantly going "OH NO" and putting my head in my hands as the characters made decisions that they were unable to see the implications of. A perfect reflection of where our society is at in regards to rape culture.

    This play NEEDS to be produced.
  • Alexander Attea:
    16 Jan. 2019
    Sure to be a conversation-starter, Elevator Girl is timely and thought-provoking piece. The script plays with the idea of what it means to be a "good guy" or "bad guy" through the lens of the superhero genre, to fascinating effect.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    23 Nov. 2018
    Elevator Girl crackles with truth as Hoke delves fearlessly into timely (and sadly timeless) topics. A defining #MeToo play, this incredible work is smart, funny and just unflinching. Featuring dialogue and pacing that are infused with energy, imminently theatrical settings and stage directions, this play would be a gift to creative teams. One of the most multilayered, thoughtful pieces I’ve read on NPX. I’d love to see this work onstage!
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    13 Nov. 2018
    Powerful. Hoke tells a story that grabs you immediately and takes you through more emotional layers than any elevator could, Brava!
  • Michael Weems:
    9 Oct. 2018
    An incredibly relevant play for our times. This exploration on revenge, fantasy, and violence is told with natural, honest dialogue that has a perfect flow and a trio of well drawn characters. Hoke's 'Vanessa' goes on an eye opening journey that keeps the reader hooked for the entire play.
  • Caitlyn Manfre:
    30 Sep. 2018
    This incredibly relevant story sheds light on a very female+ sense of sexual fear and desire for justice that is too often misunderstood by men - without being preachy. Messages about rape culture, and sexual violence are conveyed through relatable and complex characters in a way that seemlessly draws the audience in. Because of the way Hoke frames this story, people who tend to be more resistant to this type of narrative will still be drawn in. This story is important for our time.
  • Eugenie Carabatsos:
    17 Jul. 2018
    An engaging read! Quick-paced, deeply thoughtful, and relevant.
  • Dave Osmundsen:
    18 Jun. 2018
    A lot of great and relevant themes are explored in this highly theatrical and deeply disturbing piece: Sexual assault, trauma, the dichotomy of fantasy and reality, etc. The dialogue flows along beautifully, and gives enough hints at what the final reveal to be to keep you reading. It’s also incredibly bold in its discussion of sexual assault of not only women, but men too. Designers will have a field day with this play, and I would be intrigued to see it come to life onstage.