Pop-Up Kid

Just another day at the office becomes a bumpy journey into the world of the heart when Chris, a lonely professional, gets an unexpected promotion. Spurred on by an imaginary creature who seems to think she’s Chris’s daughter, obsessed with a voicemail from her late mom, and tired of being the office doormat, Chris tries to embrace her newfound success and damn the consequences.
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Pop-Up Kid

Recommended by

  • Wendy Schmidt:
    15 Sep. 2018
    The Pop-Up Kid explores modern coping mechanisms with an understated and graceful sense of loss, lots of humor, and a song about a guy’s corgi. Surprising dialogue, endearing characters, and a delightfully odd point of view make this play a subtle and fulfilling meal.
  • Hallie Palladino:
    11 Sep. 2017
    Popup Kid is full of sharp wit, unexpected juxtapositions and surprising discoveries. MT Cozzola's observation of character is excellent and her endearing protagonist grabs us from the get go. The play explores mother daughter relationships in a highly original way through the introduction of "the Popup" child. Through this lens Cozzola explores Chris's positive choice to live childfree in spite of her late mother's expectations. It is lovely to see a play about a woman embracing her professional ambitions and finding her own path to fulfillment. A delightful mix of magical realism and absurdist humor.

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    Something Marvelous Festival of Magical Realism