Cap'n McKrispy's Underwater Utopia

10-minute play. A ragtag band of friends play pirates amid the ruins of an abandoned amusement park. There's a giant metal lobster claw, and Captain Hook cosplay, and a deeply tense game of The Floor Is Lava, and adventure, and nostalgia, and dreams.
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Cap'n McKrispy's Underwater Utopia

Recommended by

  • Hayley St. James:
    31 Mar. 2021
    Three teenage friends explore an abandoned kids’ theme park. Awkwardness, nostalgia, and pirate misadventures ensue. Tucker-Myer writes his dialogue poetically, almost like text messages you’d see teenagers send each other in a group chat. The environment these characters find themselves traversing is a set designer’s paradise. A really great read that I am dying to see staged!

Production History

  • University
    Sarah Lawrence College GradWorks Festival